Menu\Main meal with beef

Steak Uncle Joe

150/40 gr. 390 rub.

Beef stroganoff beef fillet

180 gr. 290 rub.

Beef "Elephant"

(fillet of beef, onions, mushrooms, pickles, beetroot, cognac, cream)

250 gr. 390 rub.

Veal with vegetables

(veal, green beans, cauliflower, broccoli, Bulgarian pepper, cream)

300 gr. 410 rub.

Veal with suluguni

(veal, suluguni, Bulgarian pepper)

200 gr. 400 rub.


Cutlets at home

180 gr. 190 rub.

Steak stuffed with minced

(Gouda, Dor Blue cheese, pickles)

180 gr. 230 rub.

Menu\Main meal with chicken

Chicken breast in almond petals under cheese sauce

180/50 gr. 260 rub.

Chicken breast "Joli"

(chicken breast, mushrooms, cheese, onions, bacon, cheese sauce)

180/50 gr. 280 rub.

Chicken Kebab

(chicken fillet, olives, onion)

250 gr. 250 rub.

Pork chop

(pork, Bulgarian pepper, pickled onions, potatoes Idaho)

220/100 gr. 360 rub.

Piquant Pork

(pork, apples, cheese, horseradish)

240 gr. 280 rub.

Pork Kebab

(pork neck, onion, mayonnaise, Bulgarian pepper, bacon)

250 gr. 280 rub.

Roll pork in bacon with feta cheese

160/70 gr. 300 rub.


Cloistral pork

(pork, mushrooms, Bulgarian pepper, onion, cream, curry)

200 gr. 280 rub.

Oriental Pork

(Pork, potatoes, soy sauce, garlic) 280 gr. 310 rub.

Salmon steak on potato pillow

240 gr. 370 rub.

Salmon baked with vegetables in foil

150/100 gr. 370 rub.

Fish cutlets "Mosaic"

(salmon, pike perch)

250 gr. 290 rub.

Perch on vacation with shrimp and cheese

230 gr. 330 rub.

Sudak "Sophie"

(pike perch, white wine, tomatoes, cream)

160 gr. 270 rub.


Perch in Polish style

170 gr. 250 rub.

Catfish baked with potato croquettes

240/100 gr. 250 rub.

Pike cutlets with cream sauce

160/40 gr. 200 rub.