Caesar salad with smoked chicken

(chicken fillet, iceberg lettuce, eggs, toast, bacon, field mushrooms, Caesar sauce)

250 gr. 310 rub.

Caesar salad with salmon

(smoked salmon and chief salting, iceberg lettuce, field mushrooms, eggs, toasts, Caesar sauce)

250 gr. 370 rub.

Warm salad with chicken liver

(chicken liver, salad mix, cherry tomatoes, quail eggs)

250 gr. 210 rub.

Salad "Elephant"

(smoked chicken, a stalk of celery, the Bulgarian pepper, yogurt, honey)

250 gr. 210 rub.


Salad "Spicy"

(ham, cheese, peas, marinated mushrooms, sour cream, mayonnaise)

250 gr. 220 rub.

Salad "English"

(celery, chicken, pickled cucumber, marinated mushrooms, mayonnaise, mustard)

250 gr. 220 rub.

Greek salad

(cucumbers, tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper, Feta cheese, olives, iceberg lettuce, olive oil)

200 gr. 220 rub.

Salad "Male"

(roast beef, tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, Bulgarian pepper, a stalk of celery, pickled onion, walnut)

250 gr. 270 rub.


Avocado stuffed with shrimps

(avocado, salad shrimp, rice, egg, sauce of 1000 islands)

220 gr. 260 rub.

Salad "Olivier"

(beef, potatoes, carrots, peas, egg, pickles, mayonnaise)

250 gr. 180 rub.

Herring in Russian style

(fillet of herring, pickled onions, boiled potatoes)

100/100/40 gr. 150 rub.

Salad Plate

(cucumbers, tomatoes, Bulgarian pepper)

250 gr. 190 rub.


Salad "Le Figaro"

(tongue, carrots, beets, lettuce, egg, mayonnaise, horseradish)

250 gr. 230 rub.

Salad with roasted ham

(pork, pickled onions, Bulgarian pepper, garlic, tomatoes, pickled cucumbers, white beans)

230 gr. 270 rub.

Warm salad with chicken

(chicken, ham, leek, cream, Chinese cabbage)

250 gr. 230 rub.