Eggplant rolls

(with cheese piquant stuffing and carrots in Korean)

300 gr. 160 rub.

Meat delicacies

(sausage, baked ham, boiled tongue, roast beef, pickles)

220 gr. 260 rub.

Cheese table

(Maasdam cheese, dor-blue, camembert, suluguni, grapes, walnut)

200 gr. 220 rub.

Mushrooms from the cellar

(mushrooms, yellow boletus, mushrooms)

150/10/5 gr. 130 rub.


Salmon of chief salting

(salmon, butter, toast)

75/30/120 gr. 210 rub.

Red caviar on toast

20/30/30 gr. 200 rub.

Ideal starter

(marinated mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, pickles, pattisons, garlic)

250 gr. 180 rub.

Menu\Hot dishes

Tongue baked in mushroom sauce

(tongue, mushrooms, cream sauce, onion, cheese, mayonnaise)

250 gr. 280 rub.

Chicken wings grilled with sauce tartar

250/40 gr. 200 rub.

Mushroom julienne

(field mushrooms, cheese, cream sauce)

120 gr. 160 rub.

Julienne of chicken with mushrooms

(chicken, field mushrooms, cheese, cream sauce)

150 gr. 190 rub.


The tail of a peacock

(eggplant, tomatoes, baked under the cheese)

250 gr. 190 rub.

Signor Tomato

(baked tomato stuffed with beef under cheese cap)

250 gr. 180 rub.

Rolls of salmon with suluguni

(salmon, suluguni, greens, cream, garlic)

200 gr. 260 rub.

Pancakes with salmon

2/40 gr. 230 rub.

Pancakes with red caviar

2/30 gr. 260 rub.

Menu\Snaks to beer

Beer set: garlic crackers, feta cheese, salmon l/ s, peanuts

150/40/40/40 gr. 210 rub.

Crackers with garlic and herbs

200 gr. 110 rub.


100 gr. 180 rub.

Salted peanuts

100 gr. 100 rub.


100 gr. 90 rub.